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Monday, July 21, 2008

A simple and practical green way of life

Read this: greenbook_public

We have all been hearing about the global warming and the ill effects caused by pollution, how we are depleting our energy sources very fast and soon will find ourselves in a very grave situation wherein we have to hunt for energy resources. At the same time there are people who are not just cribbing about the problems but coming up with solutions. People like Al Gore have taken a lot of trouble to drive in the message that we are "creating" this beast which will ultimately eat us. They have suggested alternatives and big schemes to be implemented by the governments to bring the situation under control. By their very nature, government policies and schemes will take their own time to come in place and a little more time to actually deliver the fruits. We need to be patient about that. In the mean time there is a need for some quick action also. And again, by the very definition, quick actions are generally smaller ones and mostly happen at the individual level. You will already be knowing a lot of them and probably even practicing them. Yet again, the link provided at the beginning of the post takes you to a green book. It has some simple practices which everyone can perform. If not all of them are applicable to each one, you will surely find out that there are a lot of them that you can relate to.

So do read all the pages. The book is nicely crafted and is beautiful. Read it at least for the sake of looking at beautiful creation if not for the valuable suggestions inside.


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