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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Optimized resource utilization by Firefox

I have now started working very closely to firefox and in the course I have discovered a few things. Firefox does some real good job in optimizing using resources, mainly the network resources. I specifically mean the connections established to remote servers and the DNS resolution. Of course the second one is done by caching where as the first one is done by connection sharing (at the network layer).

For example, There are two tabs opened in mozilla. In the first one some page is loading, say http://sribrahmana.blogspot.com and when it is loading the DNS resolution is done and a TCP/IP connection is already established and over that application layer connections are made. Now if you try load to load the same url in the second tab also then a lot of redundant work is avoided. The DNS resolution result which is already available is used instead of resolving the name again. This is possible because of the DNS cache. (There are, of course, ways to disable this cache, in which case redundancy will be there). And also since there is already a network layer connection established for the first tab, and there is every possibility that it is still alive, the same connection is used for the second tab also. This results in lesser network resource utilization and also in one less memory consumption as the memory taken by the new sockets is avoided.

This is some cool thing, but not what I precisely want. I infact do not want it to share connections. I do not yet know how to tell FF to do that. I will put it here once I figure out how.

And Just as an FYI, here is how you can override cache: MDC doc

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