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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A search engine nearing extinction

Ask.com turns over its online mapping business to Microsoft - BloggingStocks

I am not sure how many companies have gone out of business ever since Google has started creating waves in the internet industry, specifically in the search area. Today I happen to come across this news. This was a pretty big one but has been losing market share ever since the biggies like Google and Microsoft entered the space. This domination is something which will not be good for any of us except the company promoters. Dominance will reduce growth and quality improvement. As the saying goes: "Its only the competition that brings out the best", the fear of being outdone by an competitor will always keep the companies at their toes and forces them to innovate and come up with newer and better things. With dominance, I feel, will creep in a sense of complacency. The so called "Market Leaders" will start setting the rules. And any error or not so desired thing that they come up with will become the standard. We will not be able think beyond. These dominating companies will become our horizon beyond which we will not even care to think. But of course there has to be a winner always. I am fine with that. Its just that I want the winner to change often.

The best thing to happen is another company coming up and overthrowing Google and Microsoft and becoming the market leader. Then after a few years yet another company comes up and overthrows this one and this saga goes on to make the world a better and better place to live. Because as our teachers said: "There is always scope for improvement".

I wish good luck to all those budding researchers and entrepreneurs in the several universities of the world waiting to take over the mighty "leaders".

-- Brahmana.

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