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Monday, January 28, 2008

Face the worst first and get rid of it asap.

This is yet another discussion with Doddappa (Uncle). It’s a pretty simple thing yet a lot of us do not seem to remember it and practice it. I do not remember how this one came up, but its here. This is one of his philosophies which have been appreciated by others. The idea is about prioritizing the things/to-dos of the day. There will be a lot of days in every person’s life when there will a few “good” to-dos and a probably a couple of “not so good” or “difficult” to-dos also. And these difficult ones will generally be such that we will be hesitating to carry out them. And, as a result we generally keep postponing them as we would be afraid to face them. Also nobody would like to start the day with something bad, because of a strange belief that the rest of the day would also be bad. But what most of us forget is that these unwanted responsibilities keep eating our resources – time, thought and energy, until we get rid of them. This directly results in a reduction in our efficiency even when we are doing something that we love the most, because the fear of having to do the unwanted will always be eating us from the inside. We do not get rid of the unwanted even when we know that it is something that we ultimately will have to face. So to avoid all the losses or resources the best thing would be to finish of the most unwanted and most feared task of the day as soon as possible in the early hours of the day. This will ensure us a successful and more productive day ahead of us. So just get rid of the unwanted and feared things first and that will allow us to enjoy the things we actually like to do.