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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

AwesomeBar for awesome browser

SmartBar to AwesomeBar | edilee

Being a regular at moznet I had heard a lot about this new glamorous location bar that would be coming up in FF3 right before the Beta came out. And now that it is out it has indeed made waves amongst the users that I have interacted with. The most common thing that people would have observed is the most obvious feature of matching any part of the URL or even the title of the page instead of the plain old way of matching the first part of the URL, which would typically be the hostname. This is of course cool as remembering titles is more viable an idea than remembering full URLs.

This is what I also knew. Or rather I knew just this much. But the AwesomeBar has more to offer. First of all, as expected, it ranks the pages based on the frequency of your visit and lists the more frequent ones prior to the less frequent ones. So we are now a little more intelligent than just doing a pattern matching. Isn't that cool? Of course.

But wait, there is more for you. The AwesomeBar gets "Awesomer" by being "intelligent" literally. Mardak (Edward Lee - who helped me with my resumable downloads) has taught this bar to learn the patterns of usage all by itself. Now the AwsomeBar has something called "Adaptive Learning". It basically tries to identify what URL you select for what keyword you entered and gives it a higher ranking instead of something just based on the frequency. Mardak's post (linked at the top) talks in detail about this. Go ahead and read it. The best part is that it has real examples and pictures... Pictures man pictures.. :-)

Happy Awseoming.. :-)


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