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Friday, July 4, 2008

Getting bluetooth working on your Thinkpad

I recently started using a Thinkpad T60p and its been good till now. Today I wanted to transfer some files from my cellphone to my laptop via bluetooth. It took my quite sometime before I figured it out(of course with the help of people around me). So I sat down to write this blog post.

Technically the thing is very simple but not apparent. The problem is that the default Thinkpad driver called the enhanced data transfer does not provide any UI to use the device for any sort of communication. Hence Microsoft guys have come up with a driver which will give you a nice System Tray icon from where you can launch settings, send or receive files and all such Microsoft goodies. So to use that one visit this page to download the driver. (Download the one named Microsoft bluetooth support). Run that executable to have the contents extracted to some standard location like: C:\Windows\Drivers\.... . Now do to Device manager -> Bluetooth Devices and click on "Update Driver" and select the above mentioned location where the extracted files are kept. This will install the new driver. Ideally you should be ready to use your bluetooth now. Even now if you are unable to use then go to the bluetooth settings (using the system tray icon) and select the "Hardware" tab at the end. There make sure the "Microsoft Bluetooth Emulator" is selected. After this your Thinkpad bluetooth should work.

Happy toothing.

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  1. Thank you so much!!! The Fn F5 key never works for me and the drivers which were installed previously aren't functioning as expected.

    This trick really helped!