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Monday, July 28, 2008

Basic sciences coming alive in applets

Math, Physics, and Engineering Applets

We as children always loved the science experiments which had some funky colorful stuff and not those which involved a lot of thinking and imagination and ultimately just gave us some number or a colorless water like liquid. Also mathematics with plain numbers and formulae has always been for just geeks. But almost everyone loves any activity based on some math concept, something that did a simple trick to create wonders. Visual things like this are always appealing to children. Such things can drive in the actual concepts in a much better way than the regular black board with white letters. I was just searching for a website with a Java applet and I came across this interesting page which has some nice good applets for basic science concepts. Look at those and I am sure you will feel like a high-school or at the max and engg student again.

Happy appleting, ;-)

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