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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Web protocol handler in FF3

This is one awesome thing to happen. Haven't you crunched your face in disappointment and frustration whenever you clicked a "mailto" link on a webpage and unnecessarily have your desktop mail application (mostly unused and not configured one) popping up, hogging quite a bit of resources? The worst case scenario would be, the above described things happening even when you are logged into one of your web based mail services and thats where you wanted to send an email from.

Now all that go away. You Gmail might just give you a new mail compose page when you click on a mailto link. And this is not just for the "mailto" link. There can be web based protocol handlers to any sort of protocol. So all in all FF3 will rock like anything along with making web applications rock harder. So folks be ready to dance for the beat, for the beat will be pretty high paced. :-)

More details here: mfinkle's blog.

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