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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Sensible policeman --- An excellent showcase of presence of mind

India ranks pretty good in corruption ratings, and I am sure which "good" I am talking about. Things can get really over-whelming sometimes in some places of the country. And one of the departments thats deeply into competition is probably the one that should protect the people -- "The Police Department". Or at the least that is what the public (including me) thinks so, and we might as well be partially wrong. But whatever it may be one thing is sure that Bangalore Traffic police is really doing a good job. Now do not blame them for the bad traffic and long jams. Thats the work of the infrastructure people, which the police are not. Police manage the traffic in the currently available infrastructure.

Now what makes me write this specific blog is a set of two incidents that I recently came across and here they are:

We have a very small but extremely busy junction in Malleshwaram near Nataraja theatre. We pass through this junction almost everyday. Very recently when I was travelling with my one of my colleagues a little late in the night, we got stuck at that junction. The reason was that there was no policeman manning this junction and hence everyone was trying to find a way for himself wthout considering anyone around them, except for the ones who might hit them. The result, an obvious chaos with all vehicles being stand still because of a dead-lock. Afer waiting for a few minutes my colleague said, in a totally frustrated way, "Couldn't that police be here at this time??! If he was here we could be in our homes by this time. Damn it!!". So it was clear that the presence of a policeman would have brought in a lot of discipline.All of us might blame them, curse them or say anything, but its ultimately true that 80 - 90% of discipline on the roads is because of policemen.

Now the second incident:

Again, another day on my way back home from office, I was on a bike with my colleauge, waiting at the signal in front of Chinnaswamy Stadium. We were in the right half on the road and there were two lanes of traffic to our left. The traffic was all piled up and I suddenly saw the policeman, who was manning the signal, let go the two lanes of traffic to our left.I was like: "What the hell is this man doing??!!!". It was only a few seconds I realized the motive, when I heard the Ambulence siren. The ambulance was stuck in the traffic and was in the lane to our left. So the policeman moved the traffic to make way for the ambulance. And of course after the ambulance passed the signal, those two lanes were again stopped. See, policemen do a lot of good and necessary jobs.

So all tax payers, don't think that ALL the tax paid is going waste. In fact a large amount is being used very well. More about our government and the reality about the government workers in another post very soon.

Till then, just respect the traffic police, you can respect the others later after my further posts. :-)


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