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Thursday, April 24, 2008


Mark Finkles Weblog » JS-CTYPES Status

This was what mfinkle recently talked about js-ctypes. As he said because of the hectic FF3 schedule the devs at mozilla were pretty busy and hence nothing could be done. I being a lazy bot, also did not do anything. In the blog post above, Mark talks about the struct support (which I told that I would be doing). Now I exhibited my initial enthusiasm by writing up a doc, which was not really useful (its here ). After that nothing much happened except for a small bug fix.

Now that mfinkle has rekindled the interest I will also try and contribute. The struct support is still pending and I will start getting XPCOM code exchanging struct information with libffi. After that we can look at the other interface of JS exchanging structs with XPCOM to finally complete the loop. In the mean time I am also looking at embedding mozilla. Will put up a post about that very soon.

Again, Get ready to use deadly binaries in your JS code. JS-ctypes is soon going to be here.. ;-)

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