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Friday, March 14, 2008

Styling Chatzilla userlist and XUL Trees

In my previous post I mentioned how I was fiddling with Chatzilla "css" files to get a custom style so that and failed utterly with the userlist. And it was later I found this website: How to style your Chatzilla userlist to fit with a dark motif. - Just Imagine... a weblog

This webpage (yet another blog post) tells how the userlist can be customized. Since the userlist is a "XUL Tree" styling it is a little complicated. In XUL trees are something like dynamically populated UI components. So you do not actually know what a treecell will contain when being displayed. So we use css with a few predefined pseudo classes and a couple of properties to decide what style has to be applied for anything contained in a treecell or for that matter the whole tree itself that is present as the userlist.

This styling thing is really cool and fun. Just try it out.

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