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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Faces of mozillians in Chatzilla

Today I discovered this cool page on the chatzilla website that provides motifs (themes) for Chatzilla which will show faces of the mozillians. Check out this page: moznet faces

Though not all of them are listed, there are quite a lot that I know. This is a really awesome idea. And the best part was the way these motifs can be applied. I just had to drag and drop the link to the css files in the Chatzilla message window and that motif is just picked up. This amazed me more than anything.

I trying to use these motifs I also ended up reading how I can style my chatzilla with some custom (read weird) colors and images by simply writing some css rules. It in fact is just overriding any of the already defined css style class definitions. So its really simple. I will write about that separately. But you know what this whole styling this is real fun and a must try for anyone related to web and irc.

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