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Sunday, November 18, 2007

One deadly enemy today’s youth is facing

This is another thing that swamiji told us during the gyaan transfer. The earlier one was about us all being so lucky. This post is about one of the several reasons why today’s youth is going haywire. As you would hear from any other staunch Hindu or a strong supporter of ancient ways of life, the first reason mentioned by swamiji was “Westernization”. But this term here was not against “Globalization” or international exchange. Swamiji also believes that there are a lot of things that we have to learn from the west and yet a lot more that we should not. But here are a few things that he said about modernization and how it has affected us.

Recent technological advances have almost removed the barrier of distance for communication. This has lead to increased and more frequent talk to our kith and ken. But this is what swamiji said “This technology has increased “Samparka” (communication) but has drastically reduced “Sambandha” (relation)”. This is very much true. With increase in communication the feeling or urge in us to visit our parents or relatives has come down. But this again is a choice. There is nothing like free meal, everything comes at a cost.

Coming to the enemy that we are facing, a surprisingly simple fact which is neglected is that in most cases the starting salaries of the current youth are very close to the retirement salaries of their parents. Though we can argue that the value of a rupee was much more than what it is now. The world has been through inflation and all that. But despite any inflation, a rise to the extent of retirement salary becoming starting salary is a steep one. This is not just alone. There are strings attached to it. The earning age is lesser than what it used to be and the responsibilities are lesser. All these result in superfluous money staying in the hands of not-so-mature and the so called adventurous youth. This combination of lack of knowledge and excess money is the deadly enemy that today’s youth is facing.

After listening to this I have realized that I should keep a check on my expenses, by which half of the enemy is under control and do lend my ears to elders to deal with the other half. Hope I am successful and so are the others in the same league as me.

Hari Om.

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