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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Intellisense in VS2005 stops working

Its a very well known issue with VS2005. Intellisense is not all intelligent, though it is programmed to be like that. It is indeed helpful and helps us avoid a lot of dog work and remember the big long names and types and parameters a function takes and all that regular crap. But the bad thing is that, the intellisense works fine for the first few days until we get addicted to it and one fine day when you are close to your deadline it suddenly stops working crippling you like anything and your work almost comes to a halt.

Thank god for editors like Vim and build systems which use "Make" and other command line tools. These keep our mind fit enough to do some exercise in case of emergency. Nevertheless we still want that intellisense thing to work, because we have this "IDE" here and it must be better than any editor. So here is how you get it working again:

  • Close the solution.
  • Go to the directory of the solution and delete the .ncb file.
  • Re-open the solution and build it once. The .ncb file must be regenerated now. This must wake up intellisense again and get it working.
  • If not then delete the obj directory of the project also and then build it again.
If none of these work then there is some serious problem that you should not try solving and stop reading this blog and read something useful.

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