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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Network does not work in Ubuntu after Hibernate and Resume

I run Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx) in VMWare player and Ubuntu has this habit of silently hibernating when it gets a report that battery level is low. Now VMWare player doesn't do a good job in reporting the right battery status and that leads to the virtual machine just hibernating without asking me anything when I will be in the middle of something. When I restart the virtual machine and resume the system there would be no network..!! I would then close all my open applications - editors, DB, rails etc etc.. and reboot the VM. This was pain.

Today I finally found a solution for this. Turns out that the problem lies with the networking module being used. In my VM I use VMWare player's vmxnet module. I just removed the module and re-added it and that worked. Just two simple commands

sudo modprobe -r vmxnet
sudo modprobe vmxnet

If you are not running Ubuntu as a VM in VMWare player your network module name will be different. lsmod might help you find out which you are using.

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