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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Documentation appears by itself -- from the code.

Beautifully Documented Code at Toolness

I am slightly into web and web related development and as part of that I come across various JavaScript (JS) libraries which  claim to make my life a lot easier and many of them actually do that. But several times there is a big hurdle that I have to cross before actually things become easy. Its understanding how to use that library. This sometimes turns out to be a pain, often bigger than the one if I had done everything by myself without any external library.

This is probably all going to change. The lack of documentation might just vanish and all the necessary documentation might start appearing from the code itself. And the steps for building this, collating things and publishing on website are taken care of. You just need to annotate your code with the right tags and the JavaScript linked at the top (Written by Atul) will do the documentation generation and will also display it alongside code.

This is particularly useful for libraries providing various APIs as the users can see a function in the raw code and understand its meaning and purpose and the arguments it expects and its return value. All in once place at one time.

This is really cool. Go check out the tool and give the world a better library to use :-)

Happy (auto)Documenting

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