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Saturday, August 30, 2008

offline cache discussion with campd

[ 2:20 am] <brahmana> hi all,
[ 2:20 am] <brahmana> Looks like my earlier question about offline cache got lost here...
[ 2:21 am] <brahmana> I read the HTML 5 spec and understood that the cache will be versioned and hence multiple versions of the same cached element will be present on the client's disk. Is that so?
[ 2:22 am] <campd> yeah
[ 2:22 am] <campd> as of 3.1
[ 2:22 am] <campd> in 3.0, there's only one version
[ 2:23 am] <brahmana> ok..
[ 2:23 am] <campd> brahmana: though they won't stick around long
[ 2:23 am] <brahmana> ok..
[ 2:23 am] <campd> brahmana: when you visit a page, it'll download a new version. Once any page using he old version is navigated away from, it is cleaned up
[ 2:25 am] <brahmana> campd, So everytime the user goes online and visits a website which has offline cache, the cache is refreshed provided no page is using the old cache.
[ 2:26 am] <campd> brahmana: sorta
[ 2:26 am] <campd> brahmana: every time they visit an offline cached website
[ 2:26 am] <campd> brahmana: it will check for a new version of the cache manifest
[ 2:26 am] <brahmana> ok..
[ 2:27 am] <campd> brahmana: if there's a new manifest, a new version of the cache will be created and fetched
[ 2:27 am] <brahmana> campd, ok.. answers my question fully..
[ 2:27 am] <campd> cool
[ 2:27 am] <brahmana> campd, However I have another question..
[ 2:27 am] <campd> ok
[ 2:28 am] <brahmana> Now is this cache application specific? As in if a image with the same src is referenced by two websites, the image will be cached separately for each webapp?
[ 2:28 am] <campd> yes.
[ 2:29 am] <brahmana> ok..
[ 2:30 am] <brahmana> campd, Will this offline cache in anyway affect the regular browsing when the user is online?
[ 2:30 am] <campd> if they're online, browsing an offline app, it will be loaded from the cache first
[ 2:30 am] <campd> it won't affect online browsing of non-offline pages
[ 2:31 am] <brahmana> ok..
[ 2:31 am] <campd> so if http://www.foo.com/offline.html is an offline app that references http://www.bar.com/another.html
[ 2:31 am] <campd> going to http://www.bar.com/another.html will NOT load it from the offline cache
[ 2:31 am] <campd> but going to http://www.foo.com/offline.html WILL be loaded from the offline cache
[ 2:32 am] <brahmana> okay..
[ 2:33 am] <brahmana> campd, Regarding the local storage, Can it be looked at as an extended form of what currently is cookie?
[ 2:34 am] <campd> kinda, yeah
[ 2:34 am] <brahmana> Is there any limit on the amount of data that each web-app gets on this local storage?
[ 2:35 am] <campd> yep
[ 2:35 am] <brahmana> Because the spec says that the web-app can use this to store user created _documents_
[ 2:35 am] <campd> 5 megs for the etld+1
[ 2:35 am] <campd> if the domain has the offline-app permission it gets more, but I forget the exact number
[ 2:35 am] <mconnor> campd: is that right? I thought I remembered some wacky combination thing
[ 2:36 am] <brahmana> oh.. ok.. thats pretty big space..
[ 2:36 am] <campd> (which I assume is the wacky combination mconnor's referring to ;))
[ 2:36 am] <mconnor> no
[ 2:36 am] <mconnor> it was something like "foo.bar.com can have 3 MB, and bar.com can have 2 MB" or something
[ 2:36 am] <mconnor> in whatever combination
[ 2:37 am] <mconnor> maybe that was the spec that got deprecated?
[ 2:37 am] <campd> I think right now it's just "5 for the whole etld"
[ 2:37 am] <campd> err, etld+1

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