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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mozilla - Bookmarks' keywords & Quick Searches

This world is really full of amazing things. How much ever we discover and find out, there will be something interesting just right next to us which we would not have figured out. This post is about one such thing, which was right here from such a long time and I had not figured it out.

The first hints for this came to me when I saw one of my colleagues, Pramod S, at NI using shortforms for Google(g) and Wikipedia(wp) when searching. I thought he had come across some hack and tweaked his browser. But just today I realized that it is infact a feature in Firefox.

For any URL or webpage that we bookmark we can assign a keyword, a shortform, which can be entered in the URL bar to visit that bookmarked page. This is really a very useful things if we visit certain pages over and over again. In my case http://mxr.mozilla.org/seamonkey/ is one site that I cannot live without. So I have keywords for the 3 different searches available at this page, viz:
  • mxrf - for file search(find)
  • mxri - for identifier search
  • mxrt - for free form text search

This feature is really handy and increases the brwosing speed to a great extent.

How to get this working? or how to assign the keywords?. This again is really simple. For existing bookmarks just go to the Bookmark properties by Right-Clicking on that and you get a small dialog with a text field for Keyword. Key in whatever you want and click on OK. Thats it you are ready to fire the internet with your keywords. For new bookmarks it is still easier. When you are creating a bookmard with the helper dialog you get the keyword field which you can key in or leave it blank (either to be filled later or not to be filled at all).

This is not the end. There is yet another enhancement to this. Certain bookmarked urls have query strings, as in case of search urls. The google url: http://www.google.com/ is followed by a query string of the form "search?hl=en&q=search string" which carries the search string entered. Such strings work with the keywords also. Meaning you can search for something on google using the keyword, 'g' like this:

"g any-search-string" . This will be converted to appropriate URL with a proper query string as specified in the bookmark properties. As it appears this of course requires a little bit of extra work. When saving an URL as bookmark, for instance when saving http://www.google.com/ you can save it along with the query string, but the search string being substituted by "%s" and whatever string you specify with the keyword will replace every occurance of %s in the URL. So this is how the bookmark URL will look like:

http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=%s ---- with g as the keyword. Now when using this bookmark, if you enter something like this in the URL bar:

"g bookmarks " -- this becomes-- http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=bookmarks -- and finally giving you search results for bookmarks.

Now this is how I have arranged my mxr bookmarks:

Now does this method appear too complex and cumbersome? Well mozillians come to your rescue yet again. You can save such enhanced search bookmarks called "Quick Search" bookmarks very easily like this:

Go to the search page and Right-Click on the search bar, and click on: "Add a keyword for this search" . That will give you the small bookmarking dialog, with a field for keyword. All that you have to do is to just enter the keyword that you want and click on OK. All the URL, query string and %s headache is taken care by Mozilla.

Well mozilla is here just to make your browsing experience easier, safer and worthwhile., isn't it?

And I am proud to be associated with this awesome community. ;-)

Happy and Fast Browsing.

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