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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

FULL SLOSH - The day I realized (visualized) it’s meaning.

There is a saying in Sanskrit which tells us about the heights of mischief or hyper-activity. It deals with a MONKEY being drunk and later bitten by a scorpion. Well first of all it’s a monkey and over that the two additional treatments would take the monkey totally out of control. There was a similar condition back at the hostel. Though the animal involved was not a monkey but a much more decent and a LOYAL one. [:P].

It was during our last days of the hostel and as expected people had a lot of reasons to booze and dEOp and do any such similar thing in the name of parties and have fun until they would get high and later either become sentimental(most of the times) or comical(very rarely and only a select few). The day I am talking is also a similar one. It was with the grace of one of the funniest guys around, Mr.PETU, that a new kind of party was organized. Actually there was no organization. The right resources were there along with the right consumers at the right place, at the right time. (What more is required for a grand party..? [:D] ).

The location was the area in front of the Gym. There were around 15 people probably. The resource was Imperial Blue (IB). There were two candidates who were comparatively new to the boozing world and were still semi-pro if not amateurs. They were done with KF and Romanov but never touched anything of the order of IB. This day obviously they were excited (I believe) as there was no other option and hence no reason for them to avoid it. These two punters were the two strong V's of our class (and also group) --- Viggu and Vikya - The LOYAL one. They were partner in crimes like boozing (right from KF to IB) and eating chicken (and other non-veg dishes of which I have no idea at all). This blog entry mainly revolves around one of these two characters, to be precise, the animal involved.[;)].

Almost all were there in front of the gym at the said time and were waiting for the few missing ones. In the mean time, as I needed to EAT, went in search for a food place with PJ(Civil) on Koli's bike. Unfortunately we had to move around a lot and finally landed at Manu's. The peak time crowd still delayed my default long food duration. Moreover we had a Kannan stop for a Mango. While waiting for that I saw Kolya with Kudva and messaged him to go to gym. And finally when we were back the melodrama had already started and unfortunately it was sentimental one(as laughing is always preferred to crying). The loyal one was all set and was crying in front of Kolya(who is very popular as an all time NON-FUNCTIONING partner for boozers, though recently he started getting high with a few drops of beer). And Viggy was speaking his heart out in front of SI. After a very short stop there I and PJ went to hostel to give Anya's parcel. And by the time we wanted to go back we had all the crowd coming back to get ready to go for food. Casino Park was chosen and many rode off. Kolya was struggling a bit with Vikya and asked me whether I would like. I agreed almost readily as I was interested in seeing what circus these HIGH people would do.

/******* FACTS **********/

Vikya and Viggu were heavily drunk, much beyond their capacities. This was only known later after we got back from the awesome road trip described below.

/****** END FACTS ******/

So me, Kolya and Vikya started and as per SIs instructions we went to Metropol. There when Kolya was refueling his vehicle Vikya delivered his first output. It was one big Omelet(or whatever you call it). It polluted a big area and I finally had to put a bucket of water as the petrol bunk guy insisted on it. Meanwhile Kolya got an Aquafina bottle and Vikya cleaned off a bit. Then after a short pause Vikya started the second round. But this time it was mere sound(VVVyyyyaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkk) and at the end a spit. After a bit of this he was ready to go and when told to sit on the bike he said: "Aye L**de Activa myaale karkond honti matta?" (Well god only knows which bike this Mahaan Rider wanted!!!). Finally we started moving, with Vikya between me and Kolya. All through the journey I was afraid that Vikya would pluke again and I would be bathed in that. Luckily that did not happen. Vikya tactfully spat a couple of time and it did not come near me. (Thanks buddy for that CLEAN ride.. [:P]). We of course had some kireek at the gate, but Vikya's VVVyyyyaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkk and Kaju's fast words cleared the way pretty early.

Back at the hostel we threw Vikya in front of L-Block just to give him some more time to clear of the crap within. He looked like a devdas. Kolya got his Dig cam and I took Kaju's cell and a lot of snaps were taken. (I hope they are still available and not been deleted because of fear of parents seeing it). Vikya made any more sounds but nothing came out. It was very clear that he had consumed far beyond his maximum limit. The way Vikya was acting was very funny for me and I tried to take pictures from all the possible angles. After some time we took him upstairs and made him sit in front of his room. He was so much out of control that he could hold himself up and sit. He repeatedly kept falling down. Then there was a bathroom trip also. Finally he was thrown on his bed. Now that loafer put out some more Omelet here INSIDE his room after all that mere sound outside. I started video recording at this point. We took him out. I do not know how but his pants started dropping and we could not pull them up and tighten. He was now lying in the pathway in front of his room, with an old shirt tied around his neck as a napkin, by Kolya and a sheet of paper shielding some more of his body and clothes. Here he looked like a pakka drunkard lying on the roadside besides some Gutter.

Almost at that moment SI and others returned from Casino Park and was a bit taken aback (I think so) to see his good old LOYAL one lying like this.

/******* FACTS **********/

1) All this time Mr. RamanaMurthy, the L4x puppy was besides Vikya. A friend in need is a friend indeed. [:D][:P]

2) Vikya was not aware of any of these kaarnaame.
/****** END FACTS ******/

Then SI suggested carrying him to the terrace and we did so. Got his bed there and put him in the cool breeze and he was totally switched off there. No more sounds, no more inside-crap and no more actions. That was the glorious end of the drunkard Vikya’s best booze day. It was a day worth remembering and hence this writing.

There was a parallel hungama going on at the Casino Park, involving Megastar Raghu Moms, and also earlier in front of Gym. Those are described in another entry. If this was interesting for you then check that out also. It was a different story there, more interesting in fact.

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